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We’ve built an incredible team of hard-working experts.
Meet Eric Thomason, owner of Blue Nail Roofing:

Front & Back Office

Accounts Payable – Kay Kelly

Billing – Cathy Rodgers

Customer Care – Shirley Jacobo

Marketing Manager – Monica Manning

Executive Assistant – Rose Almanza

Human Resources – Crystal Donahower

Owner – Eric Thomason

Production Team

Production Manager – Eric Estrada

Assistant Production Manager – Jeff Haviland

Production Coordinator – Conner Duncan

Production Technician – Jason Schaps

Production Technician – Kevin Tiner

Field Supervisor – Ian Shelton

Field Supervisor – Corey Smith

Sales Team

Sales Manager – David Smith

Assistant Sales Manager – Kyle Gotch

Certified Consultant – Melissa Caldwell

Certified Consultant – Maria Caldwell

Certified Consultant – Troy Calverley

Certified Consultant – Andy Cobb

Certified Consultant – Gary Henderson

Certified Consultant – Travis Kelley

Certified Consultant – Patrick McDuffey

Certified Consultant – Jonathan Natera

Estimating Team

Senior Estimator – Jay Green

Estimating Assistant – Crystal Donahower

Today is the 1st official day of Spring, enjoy!
Spring brings new growth, weed out the bad & make room for something beautiful. Count your blessings and enjoy the sunshine and the rain that nourishes our earth.
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Weathering the Storm Together!
We want to let you all know that we are open for business & have made the necessary adjustments to continue servicing our existing customers as well as taking on new exterior projects. We are practicing social distancing through the use of technology and our certified consultants are working remotely. We can still easily conduct exterior inspections, provide evaluation results and deliver the end product.
We encourage homeowners to move forward by taking care of your home exterior needs. Storm season is here and does not care about COVID-19. A small repair job can turn in to a large loss if left unresolved. The wind & hail WILL come and leave behind damage; some big and some small. There is no preventing it.

NOW is a great time to have us conduct for a FREE inspection. We will be open & honest about the status of your roof and whether or not you can wait to repair or replace it. We want to avoid the inevitable bottleneck that will come if the majority of homeowners choose a holding pattern on exterior projects due to COVID-19.. Having this information in hand will give you the ability to make wise and proactive decisions. Give us a call today at 469-726-2176 or visit us at bluenail.com

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Is your roof prepared to weather the upcoming Spring storms? Did you know that Texas was ranked as the TOP state for hail loss claims from 2016 to 2018 with over 800,000 hail claims. Texas experienced more than 500 hail events in 2018. One of the best ways to combat having to regularly replace or repair your roof due to our crazy Texas weather is to invest in impact & hail resistant roofing systems.
Call us today to schedule a FREE consultation & learn more about premium roofing products such as the Self Healing Roof System special listed below. We want to help make your roof Blue Nail STRONG for years to come. .
Use Promo Code: HEAL
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Tell-Tale Signs of Hail Damage on Your Roof

Although you cannot fully determine the amount of hail damage on a roof from the ground, there are some signs that a trained eye can point out and help determine if there may be more damage up top. We have listed some of those signs in the attached image as a guide for homeowners who would like to be proactive about ensuring their roof is in good shape.

Hail damage to roof shingles can be very obvious or very difficult to uncover. It takes a trained eye to spot hail damage to roof shingles. Plus, it is dangerous to get on your roof. We have certified experts available to thoroughly evaluate not only your roof but all exterior damage.
Let the experts at Blue Nail Roofing & Construction inspect all of your exterior damage and help decide whether or not it is time to contact your insurance carrier about filing a claim.
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This past week, members of our Sales team spent time in Florida polishing their skills at an intensive sales conference. bluenail.com 469-726-2176 ...

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